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Lash Extension Sleep Mask
Lash Extension Sleep Mask
Lash Extension Sleep Mask
Lash Extension Sleep Mask
Lash Extension Sleep Mask
Lash Extension Sleep Mask

Lash Extension Sleep Mask

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Eyelash extensions can be expensive, so why not maximise their life with this 3D contoured lash mask? It can help keep eyelashes protected and intact while you sleep.

This product isn't just for lash extensions; it’s light weight design and silky-smooth finish also promotes relaxation and better sleep. Perfectly indented to fit around your nose, it blocks all light and allows for easy breathing.

Once you start using this eye mask, you won't be able to go without it! Good thing we designed it to be perfect for travel. It is lightweight and flexible, and comes with a convenient silky carrying pouch. Arrive at your destination rested and looking flawless!

Manufactured with a fully adjustable, hair-safe head strap, this sleep mask can comfortably fit around all head sizes without losing its shape or snagging hair.

Breathable and soft on the skin, the fabric used to construct this eye mask is perfect for sleeping. Wearing this mask will not be something uncomfortable you put up with to protect your lashes, but rather, something you look forward to using.

    Care directions: Hand wash in cold water separately and air dry flat. Do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron.

    Customer Reviews

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    The only one I need

    The newly improved lash extension mask has a wider coverage (darkness for sleep is so good) and comes in lux navy which is even better (i dont like pink no offence lol). They offered a second chance as my 1st (old version) didn’t last. Thank you!

    Great concept, not as comfortable as hoped

    I saw an ad on instagram, & decided to go ahead and purchase this mask as I was about to travel for an event, & had eyelash extensions. I have used regular travel masks with eyelash extensions, & always worried that they would be pushing on, & damaging my lashes. The mask was shipped fast (within 24 hours), and arrived the day after, as I paid for express shipping. Now that I have used it a number of times, I can confidently review this. One of the features listed on the website, is that it blocks all light as it is 'perfectly indented to fit around your nose'. I had imagined the mask would be slightly mouldable, as no two faces or noses are perfectly alike? It is already preformed, incl for the nose area, & on me, it doesn’t sit flush around my nose, which does let light in (as there are fairly sizeable gaps between my nose and the mask). An idea to solve this could be by using the standard material that usually sits around the bridge of your nose on eye masks, closing any gaps. I noticed that it was mentioned in previous reviews that they have shortened the head strap. This is now quite short if you don’t want the mask fastened too tight on your head - I am a petite person, & it only just sits comfortably around my head in the longest possible setting. There is also only one strap, which means the mask can slip around on your head if you don't have it extremely tight. The velcro on the fastening is great though, it is not rough so it doesn't catch on hair. Another thing I had noticed was that as it is made of this preformed moulded material, it isn’t as lightweight as other standard fabric masks, and because it is moulded in a standard way and doesn’t fit perfectly to my face, it presses a little into my cheekbones. It doesn't dig in, but it is a noticeable pressure. The concept of this mask is great, but I found that it doesn’t quite work for me as a mask I would want to use often – only when I have eyelash extensions. It isn’t that comfortable for me as it was a bit big and moved around on my face, and also let in some light. It does seem very well made, and it comes in a handy travel bag which is nice. If it fits your face properly, I think it would be great, it just unfortunately doesn't quite fit for me. You are able to get a refund if the mask is faulty, but if it doesn’t quite work for you, that would be under their ‘change of mind’ policy and you’re not able to return for hygiene reasons.

    Enjoying the product

    It is a nice product and very comfortable and made with nice materials. I don’t know if it protects my lashes at all, but it would be better than a regular flat eye mask


    I bought two pairs, one for me and my eyelash extensions, and one for my boyfriend who can't sleep past sunrise. They are very comfortable and block light really well.

    Omg! Amazing!!

    Best purchase of 2020!
    I normally sleep half on my face and end up with most of my lashes on the right eye gone within 2 weeks .. I’m now at 3.5weeks and they still look fabulous!
    Thank you!!