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Brow Pen

I bought the chocolate one, I like this product but it is a bit too light for me, and black probably too dark, I wish there was a dark chocolate one. Also they are meant to be water proof but they are not if you have oily skin (I assumed that’s why it easily wipes off for me). But I did a test patch on my arm and it lasted several days! I love that these are vegan!

Terrific and Easy to use.

Easy to use... Creates a natural look for the brows. Small sweeps of the easy to use applicator creates natural looking hairs. Love that it doesn’t run off easily and I can go for a swim and still have perfect brows. Thank you Feather Sisters. A great product and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a natural brow look.

Love it

Next time I’ll order the clear liner

I’ve been using it day and night and waiting to see the results :) definitely happy so far

Love it, super easy to use, stays on all day, no smudge & looks natural. Will definitely buy again!

Yaay😘love them ...! Would like to order for more 👍save me more 💵💰for parlour cost.

The best out there!

I have tried a few products for this brow finish, but this one is the best! Great pigmentation, easy to use and perfect finish (only need a few practices). Highly recommend against any other feather touch product on the market.


I have very sparse eyebrows since menopause and use this pen every morning. It’s easy to use and gives me the definition I need in my face.

Microblading Brow Pen

Can’t remember the last time I had even eyebrows thanks to my favourite pen

Resolved Complain

After I complained about my order they sent me the product that I was looking for without charge. Thank you

Brow pen

Alittle practise needed at first but easier with every use 😁

Winged eyeliner

Fabulous!!! Easy!

Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Microblading Brow Pen

Love it! Game changer

I love this product. It’s so easy to use and creates natural looking brows.

Not a fan of the wing

The wing is hard to stamp & it's not as long as i hoped. It feels thick and stumpy.
With that said, the other side of the pen is AMAZING! long lasting and probably the best liquid eye liner pen I've ever used! It lasts! & is easy to wipe off with make up remover. It feels nice to use and due to its thickness, it holds well for a steady hand I find. Sorry, I wasn't a fan of the wing. Perhaps I need more practice!? I couldnt find a video tutorial on how to use it either. That might be handy. Thanks

Love your products.

Love,love,love it. Have recommended to everyone.

Eye brows

I found this product awesome for giving natural looking eyebrows. Easy to use. I've just had to practice cause I can't see without glasses.
Very happy with this product.

Great product

I love this pen

Perfect thank you

Winged Eyeliner Stamp

The best purchase ever!

Truly Amazing

A powerful weapon to have when the body meets up with the effects of Menopause. Personally my eyebrows are suffering....the outline is there but in between fast thinning out is occurring. However finally I’ve found something that fills them in easily and lasts all day long without touch up. I definitely give a 10/10 for the Microblading Brow Pen ❣️

Love love my lashes use it all the time.....