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Great product, probably would’ve been better buying a shade darker than I purchased, but that’s my fault not the product!! Recommend ++

Love It!

Easy to use and I seriously know this works!

The Nest
W Walker

`I could not believe the value of this product. Each one was worth gold. Highly recommend!


Easy to use and very natural looking...thank you!

Adhesive Eyeliner Lash Kit
Karen Weatherseed

I ordered my lashes kit after my own lashes fell out following chemo. They are so fabulous, I wear them every day . It took a few trial goes to get them positioned correctly and to trim the ends a little as they were a bit too long for my eye lids, but now I can put them on in the morning, in no time. They stay in place all day, I’ve even done a few gym sessions and they stayed put. They peel off easily at night and go back in the box, ready for the next day. I’m hooked !! Have ordered my second box already .

Microblading Brow Pen
Lorraine Webster
Works very well

Thankyou for quick delivery

The Nest

Amazing!! Great products!! Love it all!!


Definitely buying again. This is so incredible! Love the long lasting effect and so precise


I brought this serum after finding out I needed to keep my eyes closed for 2 hours to have classic lash extensions. This serum is great it’s only been two weeks and I already see some results, I think I’ll need another 14 days to get the results I prefer but this product is a must buy.

Love the product. I have no eyebrows due to several tattooing sessions, using the micro blade brow pen makes my eyebrows look natural again. My clients love it too.

Microblading Brow Pen
Lizette Manly

Fast delivery
Great product very happy

Microblading Brow Pen
Jodie Bretherton
Amazing 🤩

Made such a difference to my brows!!
Will definitely purchase again.

Microblading Brow Pen
Leanne griffiths

Unfortunately I ordered the wrong colour so can’t use it.
Looking at it though, if I can get the right colour for me I think it’s going to be a great product.
I put some on my hand and then feathered it. I like how it doesn’t rub off and it’s easy to do the feathering.
Will order another colour to try.

I only like the classics as your glamour are to over the top as I'm in my 50s...can we only buy the classics in the near future ???

Microblading Brow Pen
Lisa Barrington
The best

I lost my eyebrow due to skin cancer treatment - you’d never know thanks to this microblading pen. Just the best. No smudging yet comes off easily with a flannel. Does everything it’s advertised to do.

Perfect For Filling Out Eyebrows

Product is excellent, stays put, blends in nicely & enhanced my eyebrows perfectly!!

I have had mine for 2 days, love them recommending to my friends. I used others, wouldn’t stay on. My husband commented on them he says they look great, worth the money, will be ordering again xxx

Microblading Brow Pen
Melanie Jones

Great product, better than expected

Microblading Brow Pen
Valentina Tembeleski


Microblading Brow Pen
Joyeeta Ghosh
Love it

I like it and will keep ordering

Love this product

I was left with very few eyebrow hairs after surgery and these micro blading brow pens are just the best for filling in the gaps!

Microblading Brow Pen
Kellie Curtis
Microblading brow pen

Great product

So easy to use

Microblading Brow Pen
Lynley Simmonz
I have changed my mind!

Initially I wasn't happy with the result but after talking to Sophia (Customer Service) she advised where I was going wrong.
Do not moisturise your eyebrows, do store it upside down and gently flick the pen downward in an arc towards the floor. All theses things helped greatly. And, I love waking up in the morning, still with eyebrows.

Brow pen

I think the brow pen is a great product to create nice fine lines, is a reasonable price and easy to use. I bought the chocolate but I need a colour between the light brown and chocolate shades. It would be great if you could introduce a couple of new shades to the range :)