How to Choose the Best Liner and Lashes for Your Eye Shape

How to Choose the Best Liner and Lashes for Your Eye Shape

With the ever-evolving beauty landscape, finding a look that suits both your facial structure and the style you are trying to achieve can be a momentous feat. That is why we are here to help. Together we can help break down your eye shape and determine the most flattering lashes and liner to achieve your desired effect.


Finding Your Eye Shape

Like humans, eyes come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours, so narrowing down your exact eye shape can be difficult. Often, we categorise eyes with three different methods: their depth, their roundness, and their proximity to each other.

Round Eyes are easily distinguishable by the eye having a rounded appearance, most similar to a circle. Opposing these, we have Almond Eyes, which are more elongated in the corners and appear smaller than their round counterparts.

The next thing that is important to notice when looking at your eye shape is the depth of your eyes. This can be defined as Hooded Eyes, Monolid Eyes, or Double Eyelids.

Hooded Eyes are quite deep set, with an excess layer of skin folding over the eyelid from the brow bone, whereas a Monolid does not feature a visible eyelid crease. Double Eyelids feature a natural fold in the eyelid but do not have any excess skin when the eye is open.

Close-set and Wide-set Eyes are self-explanatory in their name, with the definition coming from how close your eye is to the centre of your nose and the amount of space in-between the eyes.


The Most Flattering Eyeliner and Lashes

 The purpose of eyeliner and false lashes has often been to draw attention to the eyes, and with a simple wing, this can take your makeup look from simple to sultry and flirty. More frequently, beauty aficionados turn to eyeliner and lashes to balance out their eyes and create a cohesive makeup look.


Round Eyes

 Applying a wing pointing at a 45º angle to the eye will elongate the eye, giving the illusion of a more almond-shaped eye.

 To accentuate the shape of your eyes further, look for a lash that features longer lashes in the centre, which will give you a more doll-eyed effect. To elongate your eye, try a sultrier false lash with longer lashes on the outer corner.


Almond Eyes

 One of the most versatile eye shapes, our Almond Eye besties can rock any eyeliner look. However, one of our absolute favourites is the cat eye, with a thin inner corner ending in a thick flick. This shape draws attention to the eyes and gives a flirty look.

 For almond eye shapes, we recommend trying a cat-eye-shaped lash, with a gradual build in lash length towards the outer corner, or you can opt for a squirrel shape, where the longest lashes are placed just before the outer corner.


Monolid Eyes

 For eye shapes with a monolid, it is important not to overwhelm the lid with eyeliner, so opt for a soft wing following the natural lash line and a thin line across the top of the lashes. This will allow any eyeshadow to still be seen on the lid. However, very dramatic looks also do well on monolids, so if you are feeling brave, opt for a whole lid eyeliner with a dramatic wing.

 Lashes on monolid eyes can very easily overwhelm the eye, so opt for wispy and fluffy lashes that will lift the eye without being too much.


Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes can cause a challenge when it comes to winged liner; often, the extra skin around the lid can cover your clean wing and make it appear wonky or flat. When opting for a cat eye look, try placing the tip of the wing while your eyes are open and then drawing the line to connect the wing to the lash line. This will help define your eye and still give the cat eye appearance you were after.

 Choosing a rounder lash style for hooded eyes can help open the eyes and bring them forward in the face. This means opting for a lash set with longer centre lashes and a wispy look to not appear too heavy on the eyeline.


Close-set Eyes

 When lining close-set eyes, we want to give the illusion of a longer eye. We achieve this by drawing a longer wing on the outer corner. This will elongate the eye and give the illusion of a more shapely eye.

 For lashes, look for a lash with a heavier outer corner, most similar to a cat-eye, as this will draw attention to the outer corner of the eye and widen the face.


Wide-set Eyes

Unlike close-set eyes, when lining wide-set eyes, it is important to draw attention to the inner corners of your eyes. While you can still apply your regular wing, try lining your inner corner or adding a touch of sparkle to make that inner corner pop.

When choosing lashes for a wide-set eye shape, look for a doll shape with a longer middle section and less attention on the outer corners. This will balance the eye and make them look fuller.


Remember, choose the lash and liner style that you feel looks best on you, and try out many different styles, as switching up your look from occasion to occasion can be very fun.



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