Welcome to Feather Sisters. You’ve discovered the ultimate destination for beauty innovation.

Who We Are

A dream brought to life in 2018 by our founder Melinda, a qualified Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist. Feather Sisters exists to inspire and enable all women to harness the power of their natural beauty with innovative and easy to use beauty products.

With Melinda’s extensive background in beauty and her brother Ryan’s skill set as an engineer, the pair combined their talents to create products that truly deliver results. Our team are passionate about creating high quality beauty and cosmetic tools that are easy to use and accessible to all – not just the industry professionals.

After completely selling out their store twice over in its first year, the siblings spent an entire year listening to every customer review and taking on feedback while working extensively with product developers to ensure that the Feather Sisters range contains only the highest quality ingredients, materials and perfectly customised colour shades. Our customer’s need for quick, easy, professional beauty hacks came first. The Feather Sisters’ beauty solution came next, and has revolutionised beauty routines around the world ever since!

Our Products

Our products are designed to enhance your natural assets whilst providing modern beauty solutions for the busy woman.

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on luxury and quality when it comes to affordable beauty, which is why our products are both high quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

Using superior, plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients, all Feather Sisters products are formulated to be effective, gentle and easy to use.

Feeling beautiful and confident is for everyone and we’re here to help you achieve this, every day. Welcome to our sisterhood!