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Love it 😍

Love it 😍

Love it very happy

Microblading Brow Pen
Adrianne Howard

I chose the wrong colour.


I had my eyebrows micro bladed twice and both times, they faded. After trying this product I would never go back to get them done again. This is just amazing.

Microblading Brow Pen

Ok .. so I got this product delivered today and honestly I thought here we go what shit did I order ! Trust me I try different things and they turn out to be bullshit! Anyway! Took it out of the postal bag and the packaging was very impressive ! I opened it up ran upstairs to my bathroom and OMG THIS STUFF WORKS!! It’s AWESOME !! Easy to use ! I friggin love it!!! Thank you ! 🤗 I most definitely recommend this product!

Love love love it!

I couldn't believe how genius it is to have a winged eyeliner stamp! Makes my wings perfect and the same every time! I love this product so much, I bought two more for my best gals!

Microblading Brow Pen
WiTcHyPoo Burns

Absolutely love this product.

Microblading Brow Pen
Kylie Abualfoul

Love it. I will be back for more 😊

The Best products out !!!

Awesome product never going to go without them.

Microblading Brow Pen
Jasuben Patel

Microblading Brow Pen


Really easy to use, took a bit of getting used to as its totally different to eyebrow products i have used before but this is by far my fave and i will never use anything else now!

Absolutely love this product - I have tried many many different micro blading pens and this is the only one that actually works. It takes a bit of practice but is and essential if you have little eyebrows like myself! (Uk customer)

Luscious lashes

The easiest lashes I ever applied the adhesive is a god send wore them for a wedding they never moved and very little product needed with no irritation and lashes light and comfortable to wear at all and came off like a dream

Microblading Brow Pen
Erin Middleton

Love the product.

Microblading Brow Pen
Kellie Reynolds
Good product

My only issue is I purchased the lightest colour but it's still way to dark to match my blonde hair

Winged Eyeliner Stamp
Melissa Benedetti

Absolutely in love with this product!!

Microblading Brow Pen
Sonia Stojkovski

Love this product

So easy!

I love that the micro blading brow pen is so easy to apply and looks natural too.

Microblading Brow Pen

This is the second pen I have ordered, I just love them. Fills my brows in for a lovely natural look. Also ordered some lashes for the first time to give them a try. Never needed them before, so will see how I go. Delivery of my products has always been fast, I live in country WA. Very happy with the pen and have recommended to many of my friends.

Lash Growth Serum
Paula La Rosa

Lash Growth Serum

Brow Growth Serum
Kai Mundigler

Brow Growth Serum

Works wonders

I was sceptical but I actually see my eyebrows have been growing back where I have been over plucking for years. Great product!

Microblading Brow Pen
Lynda Johnston
Micro blading pen

Wow…I’ve been waiting years for a product like this easy to use and the girls are so helpful with getting your colour match highly recommended

Amazing product. Love love love it.