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Micro blade pen

Worked great. Very happy.

Microblading Brow Pen
Karol Bancarini

Being 62 wearing glasses it took a little practise but with aid of magnifying glass finally managed to do a decent brow, having grey hair I used taupe and am very happy with it much better than a plain pencil

Winged Eyeliner Stamp
Rhiannon Berry
So much love ❤️

I love this product so much, I wear it every day. 🙌

Great brow pen

I placed an order and had less than desired results, turned out I had a defective pen. They replaced it and I am happy to report beautiful full brows! You have to ensure no moisturizer is where you want to apply for beautiful results. Recommended!

Microblading Brow Pen
Melissa Berry
Great! But a little dark.

Held up very well throughout the day and required soap for removal. Difficult to use if you’ve never used this kind of brush. Would buy again but one shade lighter.

Microblading Brow Pen
Amanda Brekalo

Microblading Brow Pen

I love it!

I love how easy it is to apply. I’m still getting used to applying liner but this makes it 1000% easier.

Micro blade eyebrow brush

You can get the perfect eyebrow with hair like look. I have very little eyebrows and now they look real

It doesn’t write on my skin

Sadly, this is the second one I’ve received as the first was faulty. It still does not work on my skin though which is a shame. 3 stars for the staff who were so kind and helpful in getting a new pen sent to me and a refund. Thanks for trying ladies! Wish it worked :(

Love it!

Brow pen - This is my third order from Feather and i just love it! The brow pen is so easy to use and control... best brow pen ever!

Best I have ever used. Brilliant product

Seems to be helping

I have relatively thick brows but their quite uneven and I’m hoping this serum will help with that. I haven’t been using it for long enough to be sure but I think it may be helping. I am planning to repurchase in order to be sure.

Microwaving brow Pen

Excellent product and so easy to use. Will be buying another soon

Microblading Brow Pen
Fleur Crockford
Love it!

First time user and took a little while to get the hang of it. Felt I went too thick but could wipe off ok.
Looks great though. Super natural.

Microblading Brow Pen
Glenda Glogowski

I love the pens and got two but I’m not sure I got the right colour unfortunately. I’m blonde but prefer the darker colour instead of the auburn . I would love to swap the unused pen if I can. Kind regards

Microblading Brow Pen
Luisa Continelli

I just loved the products I got from Feather Sisters. They are great, really!


Still learning how to get a good shape. Right eyebrow is easier to do than left. Pleased when I get it right.

Microblading Brow Pen
Paula Chandler
Microblading brow pen

At first I thought it was not the right colour, and should have ordered dark brown instead of brown but I continued to use it and was surprised it blended well with the colour of my natural brows, although lighter I kind of like it because it helped to match my brows with my hair. They looked amazingly natural and I'm super excited to try it for a second time tomorrow. I'm not sure which colour I got in the end brown or light brown but I differently didn't want black... Now I'm wondering how long the pencil will last as its very thin. Think I will purchase again if it doesn't run out too quick

Microblading Brow Pen
Ramy Bastaros

Microblading Brow Pen


I ordered two pens- auburn and brown. And after a little bit of a rocky start with my original order I am stoked to say that not only am I in love with the product, I am really impressed by the level of customer service and support I received. Highly recommend- great for those of us with fine fair brows too! Stays put without smudging and really easy to use.

Dried Up Instantly :(

I used this product a couple of times and was very satisfied. However, the top must have popped off in my bag and when I went to use it the following day, it was totally dried up and unusable. A bit disappointing.

Hi Roxanne, thanks for your feedback! The product will unfortunately dry out if the lid is left off. :(

You may have some luck reviving the tip using some rubbing alcohol.

Lash Extension Sleep Mask
Katrina Anderson

Lovely packaging and would have been better if strap was longer. Far too tight around the head even undoing the Velcro all the way

OMG! How did I live without this!

I have literally just used this for the first time over the weekend for my daughter’s dancing competitions and have told everyone about it! I was always able to perfect the wings with an eyeliner pencil on one side, but the other would take me numerous times to get it to match. This is awesome!!!!

Brow Growth Serum
Amy Nicholls
Brow growth serum

I've noticed a boost in eyebrow growth in the areas I over plucked when I was younger. Very happy

Microblading pen

Very happy with the colour and the way it blends. I wasn't uper skilled at using one before I got mine, and after a few tries I was able to get a proper flow going that I was happy with. Will purchase again.